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Layered Process Audit (LPA)

The needs to get leadership (top management) involvement into the entire QMS function has been repeatedly emphasis in the IATF16949 as well as ISO9001. This can be clearly seen from clause 5.1 (a) where it says top management shall take accountability for the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Moving further into IATF16949 clause, the requirements mentioned about performing a daily focused audit. The best known method thus far where the top management can take part in daily audit is via the system called LAYERED PROCESS AUDIT (LPA)

LPA Background


  • CQI-8published in Dec-2005

  • Acknowledgement for Daimler Chrysler & GM only.

  • LPA require multiple levels within a manufacturing facility review the same key operational controls.

Purpose of LPA according to General Motor

  • To verify compliance to the documented manufacturing / assembly process, resulting in more disciplined processes and improved overall quality.

  • To ensure error proofing devices used in the manufacture and assembly of product are functioning properly.

From Chrysler perspectives

  • Organisations supplying components to Daimler Chrysler Powertrain and Component Manufacturing Plants shall conduct LPA on all manufacturing and assembly lines that produce components for DaimlerChrysler.

  • These shall include all error-proofing operations. Note: Effective January 2005, all production suppliers will be required to comply with LPA which will become a prerequisite for obtaining PSO approval…”

  • LPA is a quality improvement process involving multiple layersof management.

  • LPA consists of regularly scheduled reviews to ensure equipment is being properly maintained; error proofing is working, etc.

LPA definition by Delphi

  • To verify compliance to the documented manufacturing/assembly process to assure the production system is working optimally.

  • LPA involve various levels of managementin the audit process

  • LPA remove roadblocks to correcting potential issues which are identified by the audit.

  • LPA lead to standardized work practices.

  • Error Proofing Verifications checking operation of devices that prevent the manufacture or assembly of non-conforming product. is checking operation of devices that prevent the manufacture or assembly of non-conforming product.

Typical LPA Flow

Example of LPA system flow in manufacturing process

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