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Currently suppliers providing products to both N.A. OEM's and German are required to assess their products' failure modes and effects differently, based on differences between the Severity, Occurrence, and Detection rating tables in the AIAG and VDA FMEA Manuals.

This causes confusion and adds complexity to the product development and product improvement activities of the suppliers. A common set of FMEA requirements/expectations will enable suppliers to have a single FMEA business process and associated set of methods and tools to produce robust, accurate and complete FMEA's that would meet the needs and expectations of any of their customers.

Overview of AIAG-VDA FMEA Format.

Picture 1: AIAG VDA FMEA Header

The new AIAG VDA FMEA format is a very long...long format. It consist of 5 major functional block. As you can see each functional block has been coloured differently. In this newsletter however we will not be discussing the detail of how each functional block works rather just to get an insight of how the new FMEA document will looks like. It is yet to be the requirements stated in the IATF16949 however with the introduction of this AIAG VDA FMEA, the discontinuation of AIAG 4th Edition FMEA is seems to be the direction.

Comparison between AIAG FMEA 4th Edition and AIAG VDA FMEA 1st Edition.

Picture 2: Correlation between AIAG FMEA 4th Edition and AIAG VDA FMEA 1st Edition

The above picture is a graphical comparison between AIAG 4th Edition FMEA and AIAG VDA 1st Edition FMEA. A quick notes for each functional block is described in the notes below

Grey Functional Block (STRUCTURE ANALYSIS) - These items are now broken down into low level and high level elements. You may also think this as a BOM.

Blue Functional Block (FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS) - Likewise, in this functional block we also need to breakdown the functions and requirements into low level and high level elements.

Orange Functional Block (FAILURE ANALYSIS) - The failure mode of the high level elements is effect of the failure while the failure mode of the low level elements is the cause of the failure.

Yellow Functional Block (RISK ANALYSIS) - Pretty much the same, however take note that there is no more RPN in the AIAG VDA FMEA. What we see now is Action Priority (AP)

Green Functional Block (OPTIMIZATION) - Recommended action has been broken down to Prevention and Detection. It also has an objective evidence on the status of the action to be taken.

What have been written here is just a very brief and did not potray the real complexity and intensity of the new AIAG VDA FMEA. However our subsequent newsletter surrounding this topic will cover in much detail in term of the technical aspect.

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